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LTM Direct Selling Plan

1 DSA (Direct Selling Associate) = 1pv

Rs.5,000 Product purchasing = 1pv



Register and start your journey. You can now invite others to build your business.



Invite your friends to be healthy and make thier success life.



Duplicate the process. And before you know it. Your success is easily achievable.

How it work ?

1. Registration Charge is only Rs.200/-

2. Become D.S.A you must buy a product withen packages.

3. You can create unlimited DSA in your downline.

4. There are 6 type's Incentive in this sector-

(i) Direct Incentive

(ii) Level Incentive

(iii) Repurchase Incentive

(iv) Club Incentive

(v) Reward Incentive

(vi) Bonanza Incentive

ये काम कैसे करता है ?

1. पंजीकरण शुल्क सिर्फ 200/- रुपये है

2. एक्टिवेट करने के लिए प्रोडक्ट खरीदना जरुरी है |

3. आप अपनी डाउन लाइन में अनलिमिटेड DSA लगा सकते हो |

4. इस सेक्टर में 6 तरह की इंसेंटिव है -

(i) Direct Incentive

(ii) Level Incentive

(iii) Repurchase Incentive

(iv) Club Incentive

(v) Reward Incentive

(vi) Bonanza Incentive

Direct Incentive

You will get Rs.1,000 / DSA (As a Incentive)

1 DSA= 1,000 (As a Incentive)

10 DSA = 10,000 (As a Incentive)

100 DSA = 1,00,000 (As a Incentive)


Level Incentive

You will get level Incentive till 5 levels

S.No. Level Incentive
1 level 1 500 / DSA (As a Incentive)
2 Level 2 250 / DSA (As a Incentive)
3 Level 3 150 / DSA (As a Incentive)
4 Level 4 100 / DSA (As a Incentive)
5 Level 5 50 / DSA (As a Incentive)

Repurchase Incentive

S.No. Club Incentive
1 D.S.A. 5%
2 Star 8%
3 Gold 10%
4 Professional 12%
5 Platinum 15%
6 Crown 18%
7 Royal 22%
8 Director 25%

* You will get 5% to 25% of product cost according to your club

* pv will be count in your and your sposer's Club

* Rs.5000 product value = 1pv

Club & Reward Incentive

There are 7 clubs in this sector.

S.No. Club Target Reward Incentive
1 Star 100 pv You will become contract employee till 12 months Rs.1,000 / month + 10,000 for laptop
2 Gold Next 450 pv You will be promote till 12 months Rs.2,500 / month + 35,000 for motrcycle
3 Professional Next 2000 pv You will be promote till 12 months Rs.10,000 / month + 1,70,000 for car.
4 Platinum Next 10000 pv You will be promote again till 12 months your salary will be 50,000 / month and you will get 4 lac for car
5 Crown Next 60,000 pv You will be promote again till 12 months your salary will be 1,00,000 / month and you will get 12 lac for car
6 Royal Next 5 Lacs pv You will become Royal D.S.A till 12 months your salary will be 2,00,000 / month and you will get 35 lacs for Banglow
7 Director Next 8 Lacs pv You will be permanent employee and company launch manufacturing of 5 cr Your salary will be 10 lacs / month.

* After Director club achievement You will get 2% royalty of all over business profit.

Terms & Conditions

1. Registration is only Rs.200/-.

2. If you could not activate your id withen 20 days then your id will be blocked.

3. You can earn pv by launch new DSA and repurchase products.

4. TDS will be deduct 5% if havin PAN Card Otherwise 20% as government rules.

5. User will be incentive released weekly on every 7, 14, 21 and end of the month's date but closing will be daily.

6. Incentive will be transfer 7, 14, 21 and end of the month via given payment options at withdraw request time.

7. User payment will be released only when the user request for his/her payment.

8. You will get all type's incentive from 0 to 5 levels.

9. User bank payment request less then 1000/- is not allowed

10. Only one DSA will be allowed for same aadhar and pan.

11. KYC detail is compulsury for recieve incentive.

12. Product delievery charge will not be taken any user.

13. The company has power to terminate the membership of any person without any given notice.

14. Company will not be responsible for deley in payments in case of wrong bank details filled by the user.

15. The company reserves the right to modify their terms and conditions, products, business plan, policies giving prior notice through our website and it will be binding on all members of the company.

16. You will get product withen 6 to 10 working days after purchase any product.